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Felt like a blog

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First Live Experience
  TheLink, Jun 18 2013

Played 1/2 at a private game which is way higher than the online micro's I'm used to. I have played small Sit'n'go style games with friends in the past but this was the first time at "real" stakes.

To spoil the ending, I finished down a buyin, the friend I went with up 2, and confirmed that live players are indeed generally really bad. Even the good ones are weird. Anyway I had my friend on the left and basically the only player that looked good to his left. This put me in a miserable spot but hey, seemed like pretty bad etiquette to try and jostle for seats.

Also what is this live players obsession with straddling? Was nice accepting free money but playing with effective 40-50BB really fucked with my head. I'll adapt to this better next time and just make giant 12x or 14x raises over the limpers for easy flop shoves.

Anyway was a ton of fun and everyone at the table was really cool. 6 Hours went by much easier than an online grinding session. It's also insane just tipping the dealer and not paying casino rake. Def going back but it's just been bothering me whether I actually show profit with like 2-3 people better than me, some bad regs and some traditional fish. I hate being the fish and live bankrolls are hard.

I'm not the kind of guy to leave on naked women but I do want to leave this. Science Fiction can go fuck itself, Earth is so much cooler.

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New Full Tilt
  TheLink, Dec 21 2012

Are there any other micro's players out there currently playing FTP?

I've been playing 5NL there despite the higher rake for my $600 first deposit bonus. I shit you not 5NL is looking more and more like 200NL. Some tight regs and some short-stack south americans all bumhunting like crazy. Tables break instantly if a fish sits out and with seemingly fuck all people on FTP it takes me upwards of an hour some nights just to get to 6-tables. If a spot does become open then I have to wait through the waiting list of people declining their seat and by then the tables broken anyway.

Decided to try some sitngo's and I'm sitting here failing to get more than 2-3 tables open at a time, the entire lobby is stone dead.

Is this just a timezone thing being in Australia or is full tilt just a dead website?

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In defense of Internet Explorer
  TheLink, Jan 18 2012

Ok so to cap off a bad afternoon I finally caved into friends and the internet in general and decided to switch from Internet Explorer and mess with some other browsers. Fuck has that ruined my day.

1. I don't care if Firefox is protecting me from the bad people if you have to spend 10 minutes every time I fire it to update then its an unusable fucking browser. And no I don't want a million add-ons to get features you should have as default.

2. Chrome, fuck off. I don't care about google+, I don't use gmail, stop forcing the whole google thing on me, all I wanted was your browser.

3. Opera, stop displaying my porn sites everywhere for friends and family to see.

4. When I hit new tab I want google to come up. Why do I have to navigate away from a blank page through a series of menus every time I open a new tab? why is explorer the only browser on the web that is capable of taking me to the home page?

5. I'm a starcraft player and a gamer in general, I idly spam clicks, a lot. Pokerstars drove me nuts until I figured out how to stop it bringing up options every time I right clicked. As I type this I can't tell which random clicks keep telling Opera to go back a page, at least it saves this post for me.

Explorer has none of the above 5 problems whereas the browsers I've tried so far have most/all of them. It has by far the easiest to navigate interface/tools etc. especially for those who are tech illiterate like me. I know people like to quote speed and security as I.E.'s faults but any differences there are totally unnoticeable to 99% of the world so unless any tech-guys want to quote numbers at me or something proving its incompetence then its definitely the best browser on the web.

Also, felt like leaving my graph here too. I suck but I run good.

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